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Arnica Extract XXI

Arnica Extract

Treatment for joint and bone disorders
Artichoke Extract XXI

Artichoke Extract

Hepatobiliary health for good digestions
Bilberry Extract XXI

Bearberry Extract

Treatment for urinary tract infections
Bilberry Extract XXI

Bilberry Extract

Helps reduce glucose levels / Diarrhea and gastroenteritis episodes
Birch Extract XXI

Birch Extract

Increases urine production
Bitter Orange Extract XXI

Bitter Orange Extract

Relax and calm your mind
Blackcurrant Extract XXI

Blackcurrant Extract

Relief of rheumatic pains
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Boldo Extract

Hepatobiliary dysfunction
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Burdock Extract

For a beautiful skin
Calendula Extract XXI

Calendula Extract

Womens' harmony
Canary-Grass Extract XXI

Canary Seed Extract

Benefit from the lipid-lowering action of canary grass
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Copalchi Extract

An aid for type-2 diabetes