Bones, Joints & Muscles

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Arnica Extract XXI

Arnica Extract

Treatment for joint and bone disorders
Blackcurrant Extract XXI

Blackcurrant Extract

Relief of rheumatic pains
Sin imagen

Burdock Extract

For a beautiful skin
Horsetail Extract XXI

Horsetail Extract

Get rid of excess fluids and lose weight
Nettle Extract XXI

Nettle Extract

Diuretic and remineralizing effect
Passionflower Extract XXI

Passionflower Extract

Mild sedative action for nerve and muscle comfort
Composor-20 Dologen Complex XXI

Composor 20 Dologen Complex

Get ahead of inflammation
23-S Blackcurrant - Caps. XXI

Blackcurrant Caps

Relief of rheumatic pains
16-C Dologén - Caps. XXI

Dologen Caps

Get ahead of inflammation
Bonalín softgels


Mixture of oils for a better living
Osteo Complex tablets

Osteo Complex

Osteoporosis and broken bones
Noflasor tablets


Integral plant-based formula against inflammation and pain