Bones, Joints & Muscles

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Arnica Extract XXI

Arnica Extract

Treatment for joint and bone disorders
Blackcurrant Extract XXI

Blackcurrant Extract

Relief of rheumatic pains
Nettle Extract XXI

Nettle Extract

Diuretic and remineralizing effect
Composor-20 Dologen Complex XXI

Composor 20 Dologen Complex

Get ahead of inflammation
23-S Blackcurrant - Caps. XXI

Blackcurrant Caps

Relief of rheumatic pains
16-C Dologén - Caps. XXI

Dologen Caps

Get ahead of inflammation
Bonalín softgels


Mixture of oils for a better living
Osteo Complex tablets

Osteo Complex

Osteoporosis and broken bones
Noflasor tablets


Integral plant-based formula against inflammation and pain
Mincarsuplex Ovo tablets

Mincarsuplex Ovo

Keep your joints and skin in good condition
Silorglic sachets


All tissue regeneration


Say goodbye to pain and inflammation