Cardiovascular Health

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Ginkgo Extract XXI

Ginkgo Extract

Improvement of circulatory disorders / Neuroprotective effect
Hawthorn  Extract XXI

Hawthorn Extract

Heart rate alterations / High blood pressure
Sin imagen

Horse Chestnut Extract

Improves venous circulation
Olive Extract XXI

Olive Extract

High blood pressure and cholesterol
Rosemary Extract XXI

Rosemary Extract

Millenary remedy for overall health
Siberian Ginseng Extract XXI

Siberian Ginseng Extract

A general stimulant
Witch Hazel Extract XXI

Witch Hazel Extract

Stimulates blood flow
Composor-04 Circuven Complex XXI

Composor 40 Circuven Complex

Improves symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
Composor-06 Vitol Plus Complex XXI

Composor 06 Vitol Plus Complex

Energy against fatigue
Composor-09  Tensivel Complex XXI

Composor 09 Tensivel Complex

Help reduce high blood pressure
Composor-14 Gincox Complex XXI

Composor 14 Gincox Complex

Improves global blood circulation
Composor-26 Colesten Complex XXI

Composor 26 Colesten Complex

High blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels