Cardiovascular Health

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Ginkgo Extract XXI

Ginkgo Extract

Improvement of circulatory disorders / Neuroprotective effect
Hawthorn  Extract XXI

Hawthorn Extract

Heart rate alterations / High blood pressure
Olive Extract XXI

Olive Extract

High blood pressure and cholesterol
Rosemary Extract XXI

Rosemary Extract

Millenary remedy for overall health
Siberian Ginseng Extract XXI

Siberian Ginseng Extract

A general stimulant
Witch Hazel Extract XXI

Witch Hazel Extract

Stimulates blood flow
Composor-04 Circuven Complex XXI

Composor 04 Circuven Complex

Improves symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
Composor-06 Vitol Plus Complex XXI

Composor 06 Vitol Plus Complex

Energy against fatigue
Composor-09  Tensivel Complex XXI

Composor 09 Tensivel Complex

Help reduce high blood pressure
Composor-14 Gincox Complex XXI

Composor 14 Gincox Complex

Improves global blood circulation
Composor-26 Colesten Complex XXI

Composor 26 Colesten Complex

High blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
17-S Hawthorn - Caps. XXI

Hawthorn Caps

Heart rate alterations / High blood pressure