Digestive Health

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Angelica Extract XXI

Angelica Extract

Find relief from annoying gas and poor digestion
Artichoke Extract XXI

Artichoke Extract

Hepatobiliary health for good digestions
Desmodium Extract XXI

Desmodium Extract

Pamper your liver
Fumitory Extract XXI

Fumitory Extract

Regulation of the biliary function / Allergies
Lemon Balm  Extract XXI

Lemon Balm Extract

Nervousness and related digestive problems
Licorice Extract XXI

Licorice Extract

Gastric inflammation and other issues
Roman Chamomile Extract XXI

Roman Chamomile Extract

Traditional digestive support
Rosemary Extract XXI

Rosemary Extract

Millenary remedy for overall health
Thyme Extract XXI

Thyme Extract

Breathe well with this traditional aid
Yarrow Extract XXI

Yarrow Extract

Promotes digestion / Menstrual disorders
Composor-01 Farinol Complex XXI

Composor 01 Farinol Complex

Complete care and protection of mouth and throat
Composor-03 Hepavesical Complex XXI

Composor 03 Hepavesical Complex

Hepatobiliary rebalance