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Bilberry Extract XXI

Bilberry Extract

Helps reduce glucose levels / Diarrhea and gastroenteritis episodes
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Burdock Extract

For a beautiful skin
Canary-Grass Extract XXI

Canary Seed Extract

Benefit from the lipid-lowering action of canary grass
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Copalchi Extract

An aid for type-2 diabetes
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Fenugreek Extract

Cholesterol and type-2 diabetes / Gastric problems
Olive Extract XXI

Olive Extract

High blood pressure and cholesterol
Composor-17 Diabesil Complex XXI

Composor 17 Diabesil Complex

Help for blood sugar issues
Composor-19 Depulan Complex XXI

Composor 19 Depulan Complex

Cleanse and detox your body
Composor-26 Colesten Complex XXI

Composor 26 Colesten Complex

High blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
03-S Fenugreek - Caps. XXI

Fenugreek Caps

Cholesterol and type-2 diabetes / Gastric problems
29-S Pau D’arco - Caps. XXI

Pau D’arco Caps

Adjuvant in type-2 diabetes / Infections
33-S Rough Star-Thistle - Caps. XXI

Rough Star-Thistle Caps

Reduces blood glucose levels