Respiratory System

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Desmodium Extract XXI

Desmodens Extract

Pamper your liver
Echinacea Extract XXI

Echinacea Extract

Complete immune support
Fumitory Extract XXI

Fumitory Extract

Regulation of the biliary function / Allergies
Linden Extract XXI

Linden Extract

Take it easy
Poppy Extract XXI

Poppy Extract

Sleep and rest peacefully / Respiratory problems
Propolis Extract XXI

Propolis Extract

The natural antibiotic
Sundew Extract XXI

Sundew Extract

Removes lung secretions and calms cough
Thyme Extract XXI

Thyme Extract

Breathe well with this traditional aid
Composor-01 Farinol Complex XXI

Composor 01 Farinol Complex

Complete care and protection of mouth and throat
Composor-08 Echina Complex XXI

Composor 08 Echina Complex

Strengthen your defenses
Composor-12 Eucalyptus Complex XXI

Composor 12 Eucalyptus Complex

Expectorant action to breathe better
Composor-16 Sinusol Complex XXI

Composor 16 Sinusol Complex

Congestion and other nasal conditions