Urinary Tract

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Bilberry Extract XXI

Bearberry Extract

Treatment for urinary tract infections
Birch Extract XXI

Birch Extract

Increases urine production
Dandelion Extract XXI

Dandelion Extract

Say goodbye to excess fluids and detox your body
Goldenrod Extract XXI

Goldenrod Extract

Increase of urine production to clear the urinary tract
Horsetail Extract XXI

Horsetail Extract

Get rid of excess fluids and lose weight
Nettle Extract XXI

Nettle Extract

Diuretic and remineralizing effect
Pepperwort Extract XXI

Pepperwort Extract

A help to get rid of kidney stones
Sarsaparilla Extract XXI

Sarsaparilla Extract

Diuretic and depurative properties
Composor-07 Diurin Complex XXI

Composor 07 Diurin Complex

A natural solution to kidney problems
Composor-10 Prosor Complex XXI

Composor 10 Prosor Complex

Prostatic health
Composor-24 Diuracil Complex XXI

Composor 24 Diuracil Complex

Support for urinary health
Composor-25 Lepidium Complex XXI

Composor 25 Lepidium Complex

Expert plant-based mix to help you combat kidney stones