Mixed Plant Capsules

All the benefits of medicinal plants in a new generation of capsules that allow for optimal bioavailability and utilization
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02-C Hepavesical- Caps. XXI

Hepavesical Caps

Hepatobiliary rebalance
03-C Vitol Plus- Caps. XXI

Vitol Plus Caps

Energy against low spirits
08-C Obestane - Caps. XXI

Obestane Caps

Complement for weight loss diets
10-C Diurín- Caps. XXI

Diurin Caps

A natural solution to kidney problems
13-C Fensatín - Caps. XXI

Fensatin Caps

Increase your body defenses
16-C Dologén - Caps. XXI

Dologen Caps

Get ahead of inflammation
17-C Flatusor - Caps. XXI

Flatusor Caps

Slow and heavy digestion / Flatulence
18-C Agilmén - Caps. XXI

Agilmen Caps

Improves global blood circulation
19-C Circuvén - Caps. XXI

Circuven Caps

Improves symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
21-C Tensivel- Caps. XXI

Tensivel Caps

Help reduce high blood pressure
29-C Sedaner - Caps. XXI

Sedaner Caps

Chill out and sleep
30-C Gualavit - Caps. XXI

Gualavit Caps

Restore your skin's natural smoothness